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While enjoying time with your dogs at the lake, on the beach, at the pool, or while boating, make sure your dog is safe in the water.

Most dogs are excellent swimmers however they can become tired while swimming and run the risk of drowning.  Using DOG LIFE JACKET is an adorable way to ensure your dog stays safe while swimming and they may even save their life.


  • FUNCTIONAL: Full-body dog life Vest / Jacket flotation device supports your pet in and around the water, for maximum swimming enjoyment.
  • ADORABLE: The flexible (and cute!) dorsal fin on the back allows for maximum adorableness AND as a handle to provide quick control of your puppy, older or aging pet (and they get to pretend they're a shark!)
  • BUILDS DOGGIE CONFIDENCE: Boost your dog's swimming and water confidence and make him/her the center of attention with our fin-tastic swim aid, teaching device and training great for dogs!
  • PRACTICAL: Quickly change from the water to land-based activities, just connect a leash right to the included metal d-ring and off you go, CONFIDENT you have full control over your pet.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made of heavy duty fabric for maximum durability and peace of mind.


  • Material: Polyester.
  • Color: Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Grey, Red.
  • Size:

Package Included: 1 x DOG LIFE JACKET.